Sunday, 18 September 2011

What does she really think?

The lovely Mistress Millicent wrote these words which I thought Sandy might enjoy reading. I confess I edited them slightly (I hope Mistress Millicent doesn't mind) to speak better to her, gentle them a little. My edit is below.


You have proven to be a loyal husband and I love you. That doesn't mean that I must care.

I don't care if you don't want to play this game anymore.

I don't care about what you think our marital vows meant.

I don't care how jealous it makes you feel.

I don't care if you are humiliated.

I don't care about your desire to fuck me.

I don't care if you need to cum.

I will strip you naked.

I will leave the cage on your cock.

I will place you on your knees.

I will lash your body to the pillar in my bedroom.

I will insist that you watch and listen as I fuck another.

I will force you to experience my orgasm at the hands of someone else.

I will look upon you with amusement as you lick his cum from my body.

I will laugh as you clean his cock with your mouth.

I don't care what you may think about it.

Your desires are not my concern.

That is the essence of Mistress and slave.


I sent this to sandy, mostly for interest. I often send her tidbits she might enjoy. This was her response...

"She's v dominant - not caring enough in the way it's expressed but I guess I share the same sentiments!!"


KaziGrrl said...

And that is why I'd never make a good Mistress...!

I'm far happier being a sub, and caring about the other!


Milliscent said...


I'm glad that you enjoyed my scribbling enough to share it here on your blog, and with the wonderful woman in your life.


MyKey said...

I did, and so did my wife :) thanks!