Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Be careful what you wish for

Last time I posted I talked about a damn good pegging and a big dose of humiliation. I also mentioned that I was not unlocked from the chastity belt at all that weekend. Well midweek I've been pleasuring my sandy, but since I only get to cum at weekends I hadn't expected anything in return. Normally however I do get one orgasm each weekend, Its what she prefers. Weekend before last she didn't unlock me and after all the pegging, all the humiliation and lust I was left unsatisfied for the week. This weekend she still had a cold so on Sunday night she demanded a 'comfort orgasm', our code for a nice relaxing no frills orgasm. What I totally didn't expect was for her to snuggle in bed, make no attempt to unlock me, have a couple of nice orgasms, then tell me she was going to sleep and I was going to be left for another week. I was stunned and begged, honestly, for a quick cum, I was desperate by then. She told me in no uncertain terms that i wasn't going to get one, and that in fact she had decided not to before we even got in bed. Though she only told me after her fun of course! I was banned from asking any more.

That's three weekends missed now, and both latter weekends locked up the entire weekend. Not even out for a tease. Basically she is enjoying my locked state, and the fact that she has no need to worry about unlocking me for comfort reasons, that leads to her settling into being happy leaving me chastised all the time. Why worry, it's just not even a factor in her mind. She did admit that after leaving me horny for a third weekend she did feel a little bad, but not much. Not enough to change her mind. I'm wondering if she will even let me cum this weekend, I really hope she does.

In total it's three weeks since my last, accidental cum, more or less a wet dream. 5 weeks since the last proper orgasm, one she gave me in the middle of our vacation. Aaaahhhh! Be careful indeed.

I find that a comfortable chastity device is a very different thing to what we have had before. Because I don't need to be unlocked, even for cleaning, it become easy for sandy to leave me much longer than she expected. It becomes a routine, the norm is locked, it's a hassle to unlock, there is no need, she likes denying me, she gets to cum and enjoy herself. My cock and orgasm has become a non-issue. Why bother? Unlocking is simply not on her mind. I'm sure she will change at some point, she likes a change now and then. But in the meantime she is happy just teasing me in the device and getting her own pleasure. Its a roll, if you get what I mean.

For me It's simultaneously intense, lustful, horny, and very submissive. Unexpectedly though its also easier than denial without the device. I sleep better, my cock is out of reach so I don't play and keep myself half awake in the night. Its very comfortable and doesn't wake me, my horniness does though, some mornings. Usually around 4-5. Without the cage I would normally play until it's time to get up, with being locked up it's pointless. I can't get a good wank so I don't bother. I get back to sleep instead. It helps. All in all my mind doesn't fight it, the decision isn't mine anymore. I can have a little play if my happiness demands it, but it's much less often, less satisfying, therefore less of an attraction. It's not easy I'm still very needy, but it's much easier than unlocked. Apart from the slight stress on the piercing I feel I could just go on.

I daydream often about slipping into her hot, wet pussy. I want it in the worst way. All sandy does is laugh and tell me that she doesn't need it, that she is perfectly satisfied thank you, with a very sexy smirk.

Roll on the weekend. I'm still hopeful.



thumper said...

Damn. I coulda wrote that.

Good for you...right?

MyKey said...


Yeah good. Hard but good. Im happiest when I submit to her, she's happiest when she's enjoying her dominance. It fulfils us both and brings us closer. I wake up most mornings bubbling over with it. It's good fun too.

Mind you I still want to cum!

KaziGrrl said...

I imagine it does make it more intense when you're finally allowed. I can't last more than a day myself, and it's never enough... :s


MyKey said...

Never enough. Wells thats a good way of summing it up, lol!

Locked Husband said...

Wow, sounds very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Picturing the sexiness of it all... and the frustration! Poor guy! At least sandy is happy with this arrangement! Hopefully you'll get some weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, and read your mention of the chastity device that's comfortable and doesn't need to be removed for cleaning. Mind sharing what kind it is? Thanks!

MyKey said...

Hi locked husband. Exciting it is!

Hey SS. Sandy certainly was happy. Enjoyed herself a lot. I did get relief in the end. Must post about it.

Hi chasti. It's the pa5000. Works great for me, needs a prince Albert piercing though, so not something you can just try easily. I've had the piercing for a year now, did it mainly for this.