Sunday, 18 September 2011

Was I still locked?

Locked husband asked if I was still locked while at the munch being a Dom. The answer is no.

On Thursday morning i asked for a break for a day or two, the area around the tube was getting a tiny bit bruised and sore. It's a lucky thing I did! I went out for a drink with friends. A late and drunken affair. one of the guys there suspects I have a pa and has been itching to find out the truth. While taking a pee he actually looked over, craning his whole body to see my cock and find out if I do or not. Made me laugh, especially since, due to the angle, he didn't see the ring and told me now he knew I didn't. Of course I spent the evening messing with him and telling him he should have looked from underneath, so now he is back to square one, not knowing. Haha.

But... Imagine if I'd been tubed when he looked! I can hide it from a casual glance at a urinal, but not a determined look. Phew!

Anyway Friday I was still unlocked for the soreness reason, so I could be fully Dom mentally. Ive been unlocked most of the weekend too, except Saturday daytime when sandy was away and didn't trust me on my own.. I checked to see if she had hidden the keys since it was only for the day, she laughed when she heard what I did and told me of course she had. She also told me it's what makes me feel loved, knowing she cares enough to keep me denied and safe.

how true!

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