Saturday, 1 October 2011

Having a hard time

I'm not feeling the submission this week. Not entirely. I have flashes of being warm and cocooned in it, but mostly my controlling side is chafing. I want to fuck sandy something rotten, but she won't allow it. I want to order her to make me coffee and massage my feet. To suck my cock while I relax. Of course sandy isn't ever going to accept that. A switch she isn't!

I'm sure it will pass. Im also sure that work isn't helping. A lot is going on and my in control persona is always switched on, watching, designing, playing politics. It's hard to switch when i get home. I love my position at work, I like to lead and I'm good at it. It can bleed over.

Still sandy is as dominant as ever, I'm sure she will remain in charge, it's best for us.

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Lissa said...

You too huh?

My husband may not be my Dom but he is the dominant one in our relationship. After getting a wild hair last night I tried to stand up to that. I ended up looking like a child and feeling utterly humiliated (not in a good way).

After a small panic attack I feel a little more like myself. Now if only I could fix what I did. Oh well.

Hang In there, you aren't alone.