Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Clubbing night

Spent Saturday night with friends clubbing. Kinky clubbing. I can honestly say it was great fun.

For starters the people I've met over the last couple of years are great people and great company.

For the second I was enjoying leading my sandy, totally naked apart from heels, stay-ups, collar and leash, around a crowded club. Making her face a group of people who were enjoying the view, spread her legs, but banned from opening her eyes. The look of utter disbelief and embarrassment on her face was such a delicious pleasure for me.

After I made her crawl to some equipment on which she knelt as I played with her shaved pussy it became very apparent that her body had enjoyed it too! A lot!

Turns out our friends had seen our show and also enjoyed it.

Good karma all round :)

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