Monday, 11 June 2012

A fantastic morning.

We awoke Saturday morning. Sandy and I hadn't fooled around for a week so she was extremely horny. We find after a week she becomes much hornier, and with that much naughtier. This morning I also very excitable! It was more than a few days since I had last cum, these days I usually masturbate at least every other day. We started fooling around almost as soon as we woke, sandy wet and responsive very quickly, and we started we both were talking a little bit dirty to each other. I don't recall what set this off but after a few minutes we started to fantasise about locking my cock up...

'go and do it' she says.

'what?', I am incredulous. She's telling me to lock myself away? But I'm already gagging for an orgasm. 'do you really mean it?'

Absolutely, she was adamant, in fact her eyes were shining with lust. 'Now!!!' she ordered. Pushed me away from her swollen, hot pussy, her soft warm body. She pushed her own fingers between her lips teasing herself while I was cast aside to lock away any chance of orgasm. As if that wasn't bad enough she made sure to touch herself and arch her back, pout her breasts, lick her lips, and make it very hard for me to get the cock cage on.

Once I was locked up I dived back in to bed, ready to take over, touch her, soak up her lust. She had other ideas.

'I want pee on your cock' she breathed. Again I was surprised but she grabbed me and ran to the shower where I was pushed down to sit on the floor. She squatted over me, her swollen pussy looking delicious, spreading open with her wide spread thighs, I touched her then took my hand away as she concentrated and let out a hot, wet stream of piss aimed right at my erect (but caged) cock, my balls, and my stomach. I could feel it, really hot, heating my very sensitive cock head, trickling and warming my balls and down to my ass crack it was the most delicious, dirty, erotic sensation I've felt in a long time. My balls especially felt fantastic being bathed in her kinky heat.

She peed until she was done then stood up. Without even hesitating I leaned in to lick her pussy, drops still glistening on her smooth lips. I love going down on sandy and this was deliciously taboo. She was wet, wet with pee, slick with arousal, delicious tasting and so hot on my lips and tongue. I licked, fucked her hole, teased her clit, and amazingly she was loving it! (sandy has never been in to receiving oral). As I licked her clit she started to fuck my face, thrusting her hips at me, pushing her pussy roughly against my mouth, forcing me to lick her clit hard. Almost controlling the oral with her face fucking, she got more vocal, more rough, she loves that fucking sensation with strap on play so I'm sure that 'in control fucking his face' feeling added to it for her, so much that within minutes, standing up, my face crushed against her wet pussy, she came, hard, into my mouth. She cried out, ground against me one more time, then sank to the floor and flopped into my arms.

After I turned on the shower we must have sat there a full five minutes, waiting for her to come back to earth, and me to get a grip on my intense, overwhelming arousal.

She later said she had been thinking about doing that for a long time, and it felt exactly how she had imagined it....

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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!