Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I need advice from our American cousins

Charlottesville VA. We might be moving there. Early days but I'm doing research.

So the question is obvious. Is there a kink community there or nearby. Munches. Clubs. Gatherings. Even Swingers. Are any of my readers from that area and can you give some idea what we should expect.

Does the university have an active kink community. Would non students be part of it even if it did.

If not where would one go?

This may sound trivial but some of my closest friends are from the London scene, people with whom I can be myself. Will I find similar there?



Anonymous said...

Suggest you check out FetLife . com

Here is a Charlottesville link

This should keep you busy

Anonymous said...

I would think its a suppressed community. I doubt the students have an organized kink life. They just live. Charlottesville is a total university town by which I mean there isn't a major city nearby. It won't be like London, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

there is a kink community in VA - check on fetlife and look arround. I know there is some stuff in richmond too. which is about 2 hours away from charlotesville.