Tuesday, 15 May 2012

And now?

And now? well we aren't being Domme and sub full time, but we are well and truly back in love, and we sure are having some very good and very kinky sex. Which often she initiates. Hard to believe she was wondering if she likes it only a few months ago. If I had more time id write about it but work is crazy these days.

Let's just say that kink is back! Groovy baby!


Anonymous said...

The world and our lives are full of potential pitfalls. I'm very glad to see that you and Sandy have made it past them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so glad to see that you are coming through this despite everything.

Your blog is one of the very best around. I hope you two will find your way back into the pleasurable life that was yours.

All the best to you both

EDAS (male)

Petal said...

Nice to see you back!

MyKey said...

Thank you Harry and EDAS for your kind words.

Hi Petal, miss ya ...