Monday, 21 July 2008

What classes as sex?

My wife has by her own count had 14 lovers, where I am the 14th. By this she means that she has fucked 14 guys. Actually there has been a 15th since, during a threesome, but I digress.

When she first told me that figure I assumed she meant that she had had sex with 14 men, but no, that's only the guys she has fucked. She has as she puts it 'squirmed' with a number more. This includes oral, fondling and cumming apparently. In my book that counts as sex no? I always put it down to her being weird but after polling a few female friends I discovered that more than half agree that its only sex if there is penetration! Huh :)

So from now on if I fool around with another woman but don't fuck her its ok cos its not sex, hahah. Somehow when i said that my wife didn't agree:)

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