Wednesday, 23 July 2008

To 69 or not to 69

I read a post by sexy sadie about the 69 position and it led me to thinking...

Why do women care if they are doing their best pleasuring a guy while sitting on his face. Think about it from our point of view. Your luscious cunt is pressed against our mouths, tasting great, smellng like heaven. All we can see is a beautiful pussy, some lovely arse, hot thighs. We are enveloped, drowning in hungry woman! Any blowjob you provide at that moment is icing on a cake and adds to the experience, it does NOT have to be your best.

Trust me!

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naughty wife said...

That's a damn good thing, because I know I can't concentrate fully on what I'm doing while other wise distracted. Hell, he's lucky if I remember not to bite!