Monday, 28 July 2008

Finally unlocked :)

Well I got unlocked on thursday night for sex. I don't recall all the details but some of them included giving my wife three lovely orgasms. Having my ass cropped until I really wanted her to stop (and a few more for luck). Being teased with her bottom and wet pussy grinding on my face, then her playing with herself in that position. I will never tire of that sight, her wide hips and soft ass enveloping me, wasp waist just visible, and tasty wetness rubbing over my nose and mouth.

When I finally came it was intense, deep inside her while she had a third orgasm, and I let go utterly. Pumping deep as she pulled me into her, not letting me hold back. Only problem she hadn't given me permission to cum, even though she forced it to happen. So I then got six hard strokes with the crop as punishment. Oowowow. By the way these were punishment. Hard and delivered post orgasm. I didn't think she would do such a thing, but I like this new passionate woman.

As usual cuddles at the end were lovely. Almost the best bit:)

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