Monday, 28 July 2008

What is vanilla?

When my wife and I were first together we almost always had vanilla sex. As I started to introduce kink we talked about it and she said that once or at most twice a month was as much kink as shed want. Now its unusual if we have vanilla sex once or twice a month.

But then for us masturbation and vaginal intercourse are vanilla. Anal is not and neither is bondage, teasing etc. Critically fantasising we count as kink, since we fantasise out loud and share the story as we go along. Like two writers working together. And our fantasies are always naughty. Bondage, public exhibitionism, cuckolding, lesbianism, and being used by groups of people are very
common themes. So vanilla sex while verbalising such fantasies is much of what we do, makes for great sex, and is not vanilla :)

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