Thursday, 15 July 2010

The weekly cum

It seems my wife really likes to deny me. She has settled on one orgasm a week. Pretty much never more, rarely less. I find a few things worthy of comment.

Once a week isn't a lot for me. It's fine at first after a phase of lots of orgasms but as time goes by my need builds up, the one cum enough to slow the inexorable build up of desperation, but not stop it. It's like a slow motion car crash, however much I want to avoid that clawing hunger I know I won't be fed enough.

And it really isn't enough. My sub side is being pushed beyond limits. I want more cums (though I love that she puts her love of denial ahead of my need to cum). I really do want more, though I fall deeper in submission as she imposes her will and denies me my request.

But it's subtle. Slow to build up. Inexorable.

The other thing is why once a week. Sandy finds that's the level at which she gets to keep having fun denying me but I don't get too clingy. I sometimes miss one weekend if she is feeling capricious or i get a spoiled one. But generally it holds true. Too long and I get so I need her constantly, to touch her, hold her, pleasure her. To get second hand what I cant have.

As for loving to deny me... We are about to go on vacation for two weeks. Hot sun and sand. I asked her if I may be allowed more than one a week on holiday. She just laughed at me and said, categorically, no way. Even on holiday she won't ease up. Two weeks of her in a Brazilian bikini, and all those other girls on the beach, I'm almost scared.

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Anonymous said...

Gawd, I just finished a beach vacation with Wifey. NO WAY could I not have cum less than once a week... I feel for you. Ouch!
She didn't always let me cum how I wanted, but at least I got relief. Good luck!