Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Forever is a long time, Penetrative sex, submission and a PA

In my last post anonymous asked a question.

'Will you ever be able to have simple penetrative sex with Sandy after getting the PA? If not why would you and/or she ever consider this. Forever is a long time.'

I think this deserves a deeper answer than the obvious. The obvious is of course that a PA, once healed can be taken out and reinserted, at last for a short while.

The longer answer has a number of facets.

Simple penetrative sex, no, but fairly simple yes. I need to take the PA out as Sandy does not like the feeling of a piercing inside her. Of course that breaks the flow slightly, like putting a condom on, which makes it less likely that Sandy will want to have intercourse. This is a sacrifice I am willing to make, it only reduces the frequency. I can of course remove it permanently if our lifestyle or emotions require it.

Its a sacrifice I am willing to make because I know its no sacrifice to my wife. Sandy does not especially like being fucked. Not anymore. Before she had kids she found foreplay boring and wanted a good hard fuck, every time. If I ever took my time over foreplay, even 5 minutes, she would tell me to stop mucking around and just stick it in there! During both pregnancies she preferred being played with by hand, and after the second she never really went back to fucking. A good fantasy, my expert fingers, sometimes tongue or toys give her much better orgasms, she never cums from fucking alone and never used to. So for her its no sacrifice. Occasionally, a handful (at most) of times a year she needs a good fuck and on those occasions the PA could come out.

Its also a submission thing. I asked Sandy about this question and her response was that for the 'small' sacrifice she gains something greater, more fun, more control and another means to torment me. Since she discovered her latent domme and I became her deep and committed sub, she gets much more pleasure from tormenting, controlling, teasing and hurting me than pleasuring me. Thats not to say she does not love me, quite the opposite, she has never loved and respected me more. If you saw us in the street you would see a classic couple in love. She still enjoys pleasuring me, but she has discovered that while she likes a burger, she much prefers foie gras and veal. Yes, she prefers the subtler flavours of torment and dominance to simple pleasure. The association of those foods with animal welfare was not an accident. I very very rarely get pure pleasure from her (although we do sometimes have breaks from d/s) even what we call vanilla involves her control and a high chance of a spoilt orgasm, no orgasm, bitten nipples etc. The same applies to me, if it means even less fucking, thats a pleasure that I willingly give up to my mistress and my love. I already ache to feel her pussy for months at a time, whats a little more? She already teases me with what I miss, but the only time I EVER get to fuck is when it suits her and is for her pleasure (though she enjoys for my sake my pleasure in the act as well). So for me the sacrifice is already made, and for her its just not an issue.

Always knowing however that its not permanent, and sensibly if life changes so can we.

Forever is a long time. I hope I am her sub forever and she my Domme. I certainly hope I will not be denied fucking her forever, but once or twice a year just feeds my inner sub and makes her a more fun, more cruel but loving domme.

I hope this answers the question.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this...very interesting and good.

the cherub said...

Why do so many people think that a PA means you can never have penetrative sex again.


I have a 0 guage PA and a 8 guage Ampalang and my Wife/Mistress loves the feel of both inside her with or without condom and i have yet to break a condom, not that i use them much after the Vas snip.

heelsnstocking said...

wow such commitment I so admire you for it x