Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sunday night playtime

Last time we played I got a spoiled orgasm, and Sandy had three proper ones. I wasnt allowed to give them to her... Guess what happened on Sunday night?

You guessed it! A smorgasboard of fun. I had my hands tied behind my back, and my balls tied tightly. She tickled me mercilessly, since my hands were bound I could not stop her. We discovered that my balls are very very sensitive when bound so tightly. So nasty woman that she is she really laid into them with her nails. It was such an overwhelming sensation, 80% pain and 20% tickling, that I got noisy.

She dealt with that pretty quickly, buckling her ball gag into my mouth. Yes its her gag, im not allowed to use it on her. I have added a couple of holes to it and she used them, tightening it until I couldnt make any sensible sound. I spent the next half an hour like that, her alternating teasing me to the edge, torturing my balls, occasionally spanking of my inner thighs, and lots of tickling. She loves seeing the desperation in my face as I try to escape. Without my hands I was more helpless, and so much more ticklish, she drove me insane. She had no mercy at all, she enjoys this torment too much and feels no guilt these days. Naturally I wasnt allowed to cum.

She then got a devilish look in her eyes. After edging me hard she made me kneel, gagged and bound at the side of the bed. I guessed what was about to happen and begged her not to as best I could, Something like 'mmmph, mmmm, mm mm mmmmmmpphhhh'. Lol! She spread her legs wide, pointed herself at me and started to touch herself. As she did this she spread her lips, fingered herself, rubbed her smell on my lips, arched her back and generally edged herself and enjoyed it. I wasnt allowed to touch her, all I could do was look, beg with my eyes, rub my achingly hard cock on the side of the bed. I almost came seeing her. As she played she toyed with ne verbally, telling me to imagine myself bound and kneeling, gagged as I was, her fingers replaced with her boyfriends, his cock pushing into her. Watching them have sex and cum while getting nothing, just kneeling and being made to watch. When she came it was very very intense for her, and for me!

I was allowed onto the bed after that. For the first time in the whole evening I was allowed to touch her, hands still bound I snuggled up close, my face against her soft breasts. More teasing, more tickling, and two more powerful orgasms for her, none of which I was allowed to give her. She knows it drives me insane not to be allowed to pleasure her, and she took great pleasure in denying me that. At least I was snuggled with her as they happened, feeling her skin writhing and rubbing my cock as she came.

Finally satisfied she teased me some more, pressed her cunt on my face and I licked as she pushed me to the edge. Her cream oozed into my mouth tasting rich and tangy, my back arched, my cock spasmed and I started to cum HARD. Spurt one hit my shoulder, there were not further proper spurts, yes it was again another spoilt orgasm. I was horny within the hour again. Imagine given such a powerful first spurt what a fantastic orgasm it would have been, had she allowed me that pleasure. Such wickedness turns me on so much!

3 good ones for her, one spoilt for me, not allowed to pleasure her, again. I loved it though, but I wonder if she loved it even more.

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Thumper said...

So. Fucking. Hot.