Sunday, 31 January 2010

New photoshoot online

For all of you interested bits of my newest photoshoot are online. Please have a look here. You will need a flickr account as my pics are restricted, then email me through flickr or the blog a request for friends level access. I hope you think it is worthwhile.

Please do comment, im still learning so appreciate feedback!


Ferns said...

Hi MyKey, I have just stumbled across your blog... do you mind giving me a hint as to what the photos are of (I don't have an account over there, so if you say 'beautiful half naked men', I might be tempted...)?


MyKey said...

Hi ferns. 

Heheh, no men sadly. Beautiful half naked women in what (I hope) are somewhat arty photos. Some rope bondage some not. 

bdenied said...

I dropped by and those photos are so hot. she is a beautiful woman.. a perfect figure and she has that devilish look in those big eyes of hers...those eyes are hypnotic

Ferns said...

MyKey: A crying shame. Throw in an artistic half nude self portrait and I'd consider it worth my while.