Thursday, 13 November 2014

The aftermath

Well they played last night. I'm in one country, while my wife is in another fucking her lover. She kindly sent me a couple of messages and pictures. I will share just a little...

Wearing knee socks and chilling as she waits for him

One swollen and well fucked pussy, and you cant see it but yes its full!

I was at work when I was sent these, one before, then the other 2 hours later. The second arrived as I was in  a bar having a beer with my colleagues. Had to go to the toilet so I had the privacy to have a good look. I was hard in seconds, and had to touch myself (but not cum).

Texts straight after  (excluding a few normal life ones)
Me> Oh God so sexy! Did you have fun?
Her> Yeah ;)
Me> Did he cum in you?
Her> Yeah...xx
Her> Feeling naughty now!

and later
Me> tell me something you really enjoyed?
Her> Giving him a sloppy BJ :)

Imagine getting these while at work... Concentration shot to pieces!

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