Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Him vs me

I haven't cum bareback in my wife for over a year, practical contraceptive reasons.

But tomorrow she is able to be fucked bareback, her new contraceptive start to kick in.

And guess who she is seeing tomorrow? Not me. Her lover will be the first man to cum in her pussy in over a year.

It's mostly chance and timing, but both she and I are enjoying the naughtiness of this. She was packing today to go and see him, stocking, black, suspenser belt, short skirt, sexy top, and high heels. Panties she might take off before she meets him, apparently. She hasn't decided.

I on the other hand, she won't let me see or touch her newly waxed pussy until she has been fucked. She keeps telling me it's for him not for me at the moment.

I'm aching horny, and she is (believe me) very wet. She showed me a picture she sent him of her pussy, visibly wet, and she had not even touched herself before taking this pic.


EDAS said...

Very, very erotic!

sub hub in phx said...

I don't know how you guys that are cucked do it. I would go bat shit crazy knowing that my wife was preparing to be fucked by another man .... yet my cock is rock hard after reading your story.

MyKey said...

Erotic indeed!

Well sub hub, it can be hard, more so when we first started. But then again I get to play too, as you've probably read. Still there is something about her holiest of holies getting wet and spreading for another man!

bdenied said...

Wow this is very hot oh how I would love to be in the same boat