Saturday, 12 March 2011

Photo pervery

So heels and hedone seem to like my bum. Being a bit of an exhibitionist I thought I might put it out for all to see.

Sorry for the rough pic. Been under a camper swapping engines all day!

M xx


Jen said...

I like your butt.
I also like the lip prints on the mirror :)

heelsnstocking said...

Just how I remembered it as you went across the hall naked :)

Anonymous said...

Back to perv again. You've got nice legs too. Are you a runner?


Molly said...

Cool picture and are those lipstick marks on the mirror, great bit of snap and go photography. Well done...


Mykey said...

Those are lipstick marks :)

Thanks all for the comments!

Not a runner but I cycle a fair amount to work.