Monday, 28 March 2011

I'm going on a sub hunt

A drink for the person who guesses the song behind the twisted lyrical association.

Actually been looking for a few weeks. Might have struck lucky. Early days but she is smart, confident and very naughty. Lives miles away, let's hope when we meet we click!

With Sandys blessing. How cool is that?

Regarding sandy, she's is loving being abused these days. A few days ago she came with my cock deep inside her pussy, my fingers deep in her ass, face down and being well and truly fucked and forced. She came so damn hard and I timed my orgasm with hers, as my cock grew that extra bit and started to pulse it set off a higher peak in her orgasm. She was limp after, didn't even twitch when I pulled my fingers out.

I enjoyed that!


Anonymous said...

That's what I love about that sort of sex; the complete feeling of being used, and then the relaxed, blissed-out feeling after a really powerful orgasm.

Good Luck on your search.

Ayesha said...

Here u go. least the lyrics seem to fit. Got that(grin)?

mykey said...

Hello Mrs D
Yeah, she loves that too. As do I. Course as dom I couldnt let her relax totally, I gave her a few extra thrusts in her now oversensitive pussy. Just to see the reaction :) She flopped after that!

Ayesha, Lol! not exactly.