Saturday, 26 July 2014


Tonight after a week of not cumming, she lay on the bed writing emails with my face in her ass. Kissing her little thong and ass cheeks. She said my face felt nice there.

After a good half hour she teased me to dripping, edged me a few times, then made me kneel at the end of the bed and watch her masturbate. Four times. I had to kneel and was sharply ordered not to approach or touch her. Begging to taste her was refused. And when I touched myself she quickly and sharply ordered me not to but in fact to put my hands behind my back and keep them there. Apparently I look sexy like that.

Occasionally she would tease me with her foot. And her second orgasm came on rather suddenly a few seconds after she forced her foot into my mouth. Think it turned her on!

She told me after she likes being mean to me, enjoyed the feel of her hand and seeing me doing what I was told pleased her.


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