Sunday, 18 April 2010

Still here

Still here, still playing. Lots to tell, no time.

Sandy is still my domme, in fact since she committed to it, she is totally domme. It's a bit scary ad she loves it.

Yesterday she fucked me. She was playing with me, we fantasises about her being fucked, next I know she is on top with my cock in her. After about 10mins she pulled away leaving me high and dry, or wet if you like.

I've been craving to fuck her for four months now, with no access allowed. So why today? Because she felt like feeling a cock in her. Why did she pull off? Becuase she had enough. How hot is that. My desperation for pussy had no bearing on being allowed in, or even duration.

No wonder im scared. But it made me very submissive!



heelsnstocking said...

such bitter sweet pleasure xxx

bdenied said...

well your not the only one left with a hard on from this encounter...that is totally fucking hot