Sunday 15 December 2019

How many times can a girl cum?

       Sandy has always been able to cum 2-3 times in a row regularly, in fact almost every time that she has sex. But today she outdid herself!

She and I have denied ourselves for the last 3 weeks, and even with her lower sex drive that has left her itchy for more. Today after we started to play she put on a sexy set of lingerie (without prompting, thank you!) and came back for more. We were meant to be denying ourselves till Christmas, but she suddenly got all dominant (which is rare these days) and told me (in that voice) that I was going to make her cum. But I was NOT going to cum until SHE decided i was allowed (and not necessarily at Christmas the way we intended).

And the she came, came hard (on my mouth, mmmmm i love her taste) and once she started to cum she didn’t stop. Over the next 15 minutes or so she had 10 orgasms! 10!

All from my hand or mouth except the last which she did herself. I knew she had that last one in her even though she wasn’t so sure :)

I am sooooo happy, just seeing 10 cums in a row is worth not cumming myself!

And this is how puffy she was after all those orgasms!

Sub night

Last night I had a date with my lovely wife. She and I are getting on well these days, very in much love.

Only this was no ordinary date, this was an intimate date. A sex date. A kinky as hell date!

I asked her if she preferred to be dominant or to lie back and be a teased, tortured, abused little toy. sub. She said Dom, unusually so. She is being that way much more these days (although often we switch roles during and she ends up on the bottom). Not this time, hahah.

That morning when we awoke we both had the evening in mind. Slept well, we had 10 minutes before the kids woke and were kissing, flirting, making out and generally being very in love. We both got rather excited, started fantasising to each other about how sexy it would be to have another man in with us. She said she would want to tie me and make me watch her be his. She said maybe she would make me suck him, make him hard before she fucked him. But not me, I'd go to bed that night unsatisfied :) bad girl!!

I was hot! Burning with desire. Suggested that tonight could she try a strap on me. I have suggested it before but she was never sure of the idea, it made her uncomfortable. She until recently wasn't entirely comfortable with her sexuality and more unusual kink. This time though she said yes! What's more her eyes were sparkling as she said it :) She joked as we teased fantasising that maybe shed let her boyfriend fuck me up the ass, hahah.
I later asked for her to wear thigh boots tonight, since she was feeling Domme, and she suggested she add corset and holdups to go with it... I wasn't about to argue heheh.

We then to work both tingly and aroused. It was lovely to feel her enthusiasm and it felt so good that she had ideas of her own.

Evening comes around, kids are in bed, we have spent a few minutes winding down. Funnily enough we then find ourselves up in the bedroom, she pulling on some of her sexiest holdups and me polishing her thigh boots before zipping them up her long beautiful legs. She hooks her corset covering her smooth stomach, pert breasts and oh god, oh so insistent cherry nipples, turnings demands I lace her up tight. I do that while nuzzling the back of her neck (she likes that) and raining kisses over her sexy shoulders. And so the games begin.

She demands I strip and get the paddle. I can't find it in its usual place and as I bend over searching for it she flicks her riding crop over my exposed backside. No lovetaps these they burn lines of ice across me, demanding me to search faster for more instruments of her control. Finally I find the paddle and she pushes me onto hands and knees, head down and ass stinging. A long paddling, she is finding her feet and asks once or twice if I am ok. When she realises I am she really lays in long and hard, letting up momentarily when I cry out only to continue. She enjoys making me squirm, watching me wriggle in pain but ordering me not to move away.

She stops now and then to tease me, hardening my cock to iron and edging me. Sometimes I get so horny I can't help but break position to turn and give her a passionate kiss, my tongue deep in her mouth and arms holding her tight, this woman I love. Other time I nuzzle her thighs and soft pussy. She laughs, giving me a moment then orders me back on knees NOW!
She told me later that she really got off on how fast I responded. Normally I am more in control day to day, or at best we discuss things. Here she enjoyed an immediate no arguments response. She also got off on punishing me extra for turning round and kissing her as she hadn't allowed it (even though she enjoyed it) How sexy is that:)

She tickles me a while, a kink I introduced her to that she loves to inflict. Again I wasn't allowed to move away, then asks me which hurts more, crop or paddle. I say crop, so she says she is going to give me 10 hard swats with it. Owowow but yum! When she stop she gets me to thank her for stopping, by kissing her feet. Something I love, her feet, and another first for her.
We lie down together and she plays with me a bit, bringing me on edge again. I get the strapon and pull it up her long smooth legs (we are a similar height but her hips are a good 3 inches higher than mine, that's how long they are, sexy!. She looks hot, on fire. I cant help but suck the strapon, I admit I really get off on it. She spins me round and crops me some more, but I get so horny, so hot for her I fall to floor and suck her some more.
Now so horny take her deeper, and she starts pushing my head down till I am gagging on her cock. I keep thinking she'll realise and stop but no, she keeps doing it all the more. Turns me on that she enjoys being so mean, it turns out she finds it entertaining. I am playing with her as I suck. The crotch strap of the strapon is deep between her pussy lips and as I touch her I find her soaking wet. Really slippy and hot. Unusual for her to be so wet she must be really horny. She later told me that whipping me really turned her on.

I was ordered on to all fours for the strapon. Now I was I admit nervous. Although I usually try on myself anything I do to her (I am the one on top normally) I have no idea how I can take this cock. Its bigger than anything I've tried on myself, thicker and longer. My wife has no experience with ass play except as a receiver. She has only once before even used a finger on me. And to be honest I haven't really enjoyed anything there, I didn't dislike it but it did nothing for me when I did it to myself. I had previously cleaned myself well with an enema. She uses lots of lube, tries to warm me a little with her finger at my suggestion, but her long nails stop us. So we just go for it...

Then tip goes in. Its a big strapon and I don’t think I will take the wider base. The tip hurts a bit and she stops till I adjust. Then slowly pumping shallow strokes. Now the pain eases and I am getting horny again, very horny as the pleasure mounts! Never done this before, but now I see why she likes to be fucked in the ass so much. WOW. As she fucks me she gets deeper and deeper, orders me to touch myself. She really seems to be getting into this. After a while I feel her soft sexy thighs against mine and I realise that she is fully in me! Never expected that to be possible let alone so so pleasurable. Now she's banging me so hard as I beg her not to make me cum yet! I want this to last longer, much longer.

We stop and fool around a bit on bed. We kiss, she teases me, I edge her sopping pussy a while until she is also gagging for her cum. Suddenly, and very unexpectedly, she states that she wants me to cum with her cock in my ass. Not my idea at all, again its come from her. Rare and so valuable to me.
We turn on the vibration this time and she starts to fuck me once more, the heat mounts quickly. The vibrations travelling up the strap to her clit and the edging I gave her means she is close. She plays with herself as she thrusts hard into me and I am deep in pleasure, holding back hard as I can, timing it with her cum.
We both explode finally in a truly mind blowing, noisy, back arching orgasm. Really good orgasms for both of us. As her orgasm sends little aftershocks through her she cools off with slower thrusts and that draws my orgasm out nice and long
After we kiss, snuggling up for ages. We both really enjoyed ourselves, she was comfortable and happy in new territory. Some how what felt dirty and naughty during sex metamorphosed into feeling really loved and in love afterwards. Haha fucked by my lovely wife in the ass is lovey sex for us now!? We have come on since the early years.

Ps Did I mention how beautifully smooth and trimmed her pussy was, oh just heavenly.

Ahhhh, some days it works so well :)

Friday 13 December 2019

A long time ago in 2010  posted this pic to heelsnstocking`s blog.

And was told it looked like a movie cock. This is one of my favourite ever comments.

So I dug out the pic :)

Tuesday 14 July 2015

New sub, and what a girl!

I met a girl recently who has become my sub, and so very submissive too. She sent me this message today...

'My limits just shift the moment I feel you like it.'

And this in response to being called a good girl...

'Aaaargh... Calling me this makes me feel good since you like it, and humiliated as being treated like a small stupid doggy... So it just turns me on...'

How delicious and cute and submissive is that?!

Monday 22 December 2014

And another little exchange

This morning I was asking my Sandy to pleasure me. This is what followed...

What will you do for me?

I'll make you coffee and give you an orgasm.

Is that all?

I'll let you keep having an open marriage.

#laughs# If I want to I'll do that anyway!


Yes, I think our marriage is strong enough.

Friday 19 December 2014

Some random comments made by my wife

So do you think you could go back to normal if I asked?

No, you can go back to it if you like but I'm not going to stop, and you can't ask me to.

My wife discussing being in an open marriage one day. She likes being a hot wife.


Why do you like being a hot wife?

Its powerful and sexy and naughty and makes me feel in control.


I had a sexy thought but I'm too shy to say.

Tell me!

Imagine how naughty it would be if I bought you that underwear and you didn't let me see you in it until you had worn it for him...

I knew you would say that.


Because I'd already thought of doing that myself!


Hurry up and order the cock tube.


So we have it by January.


So I can lock you in it when I go to see him!